We adopt a fully integrated approach to ESG. As a Responsible Investor we engage in non-financial as well as financial activities to mitigate risk and improve long-term investment performance.

Hermes Infrastructure has developed a Responsible Investment Policy providing a consistent framework that is applied to all investment due diligence, management and advisory activities.

We treat the evaluation of ESG considerations as a key part of our risk management framework and seek a culture of awareness, engagement and continuous improvement in both our business and the businesses in which we invest.

Our approach remains consistent in values and application, whilst preserving flexibility to adapt to the constantly evolving risk environment and ensure best practice.

In 2018, this approach enabled us to score “A+” on the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and 3rd out of 17 Diversified European Infrastructure managers as rated by GRESB.

Our approach to ESG and sustainability is founded on a strong focus on governance. We believe that superior investment performance, for the benefit of all stakeholders, begins with best in class governance, where transparency of information, clear lines of responsibility, accountability and appropriate management of conflicts are paramount.

The essential public service nature of infrastructure assets requires a commitment to long-term partnerships and constructive engagement with key stakeholders; customers, communities, regulators, Government, employees, co-investment partners and investors.

We believe that companies with robust governance procedures that facilitate constructive management of environmental and social responsibilities make a more positive contribution to society and provide greater long-term value and reduced risk for shareholders.